At this point, I have honestly lost track of the number of blogs that I have had over the years. What compels me to periodically remake them? Perhaps I will never know.

Regardless, the cycle continues. It is a new year. I am still procrastinating as I meant to move my blog back onto WordPress from Tumblr on the first day of the year. Now that it is only two days before I am back to school, I forced myself to sit down, find a blog theme, and write this first post. (The header image is a photo I took using my iPhone after the Central Texas storms of June 2015.)

I used to be really ambitious about posting on my blogs, setting a basically unattainable goal of writing something every day, and it just became too much of a strain amidst trying to get good grades and also dealing with this thing called sleep that always gets in the way. Most of my blogs began to collect metaphorical dust within half a year’s time because I would simply tell myself that I did not have time to think of something insightful that day, so I would push it off to the next day, upon which I would have to come up with something doubly insightful.

And well, here we are. It pains me inside (because I want a more ambitious post schedule), but the current goal is to post on this blog at least once a week. Other than that, nothing much is going to change here. I am probably just going to continue talking about my arguably boring life and any random bits of thought. Hope you all somehow enjoy it!

Post title inspired by my favorite 2015 album: Reboot by Wonder Girls.