I disappeared for four months, sorry. I'm too lazy to give a recap of the end of the semester, but I'll be talking a bit about what I have been up to since the second week of June!

I have spent the past eight weeks or so away from home; this is the longest time I have been this far away without anyone. Now, I can truly appreciate how great it feels to not have to cook for myself when I am at home. Thanks, Mom!

I have been working from 8-5 on weekdays at MD Anderson, where I have gained lots of calluses on my feet so that I no longer get blisters while wearing flats, enjoyed the Pokestop that I can access from my desk (Team Valor, anyone?), shadowed clinicians and surgeons (gynecologic and neurosurgery), and also truly learned that research is a slowww process. (I have been working on the same set of 20 samples for the past month.) I kept on meaning to post regularly about all of my adventures in Houston, but nothing exciting ever seemed to happen. And when something worth talking about came up, it would be on an inconvenient day for me to spend time writing about it. Outside of work, I haven't really done much in Houston other than visiting two art museums and eating food. Follow me on Instagram for food pictures! (Am I a foodie yet???)

I meant to post this past Saturday about finally caving in and using UberEATS for the first time since I had skipped out on the other interns' plans. Instead, I ended up video calling my boyfriend for a few hours. Combine this with my procrastination curse, and here I am typing up this post a week later because nothing else exciting has happened since then.

I had no intention of using UberEATS until I was in a truly desperate situation, but over dinner at Calhoun's Rooftop Bar & Grill on Friday, I found out from fellow interns that the referral code value would decrease from $20 to $10 after Sunday. The week before, I had mentioned to one of my suitemates that I was considering ordering dinner through UberEATS after getting back from The Museum of Fine Arts at 8 pm on a Thursday, and she had given me her code. Now, with some sort of obligation to make sure that both she and I were able to benefit from $20 of free food, I decided to get something for Saturday's dinner.

I was immediately overwhelmed by the food options when I opened up the UberEATS app. Thus, I did the most logical thing - I outsourced the decision making process to someone else. After half an hour of deliberation, my boyfriend finally decided for me, and a Gateway of India pizza and two Sammy's Tandoori Chicken Kati Rolls from Bombay Pizza Company were on their way. Paying $2.61 for three meals makes for a very happy Victoria, especially when I was only expecting to get one meal out of the $20 credit. I also got to see a beautiful sky when I walked outside (for the first time that day) to pick up my order. Somehow delivery drivers can never find the front entrance of the place I'm staying at.


A previously unseen photo. Follow me on Instagram to see more. (Did I already say that?)

And of course I can't finish this post without a shameless plug for my UberEATS code, even though the value is halved from what it used to be:

  • eats-victorial2122ue

I should honestly stop saying that I will make weekly posts because I don't think that that has ever happened before, so I'll see you whenever it strikes me to update. I'll likely be making a few posts about my recent music obsessions soon though. (Spoiler alert: Taeyeon's "Why" has been on repeat for the past three weeks.)