1. Thanksgiving and Christmas meals. Good food with good company, aka my family. <3
  2. Xian Sushi and Noodle, a cheesy Valentine's Day cake, a Houston art museum, the non-sunset at Galveston. And the person with whom I experienced these things (and more).
    img_96021 img_96031
  3. Long conversations over milk tea. And the two friends willing to have them with me.
    1. Aaron – From drowning out sorrows (mostly mine) after OS quizzes at Tap House to drowning out sorrows in general (also mostly mine) at KF Tea.
    2. Austin – Thankful for that first conversation at Teapioca Lounge this past January and how our friendship has evolved since then.austin
  4. img_95541Kyubey plush. Waking up in the middle of the night to a cute but slightly creepy creature asking me if I want to be a magic girl.... Everyone go watch Madoka NOW.
  5. Texas 4000. Thankful for an amazing non-profit dedicated to fighting cancer and incredibly excited to be a part of the team to complete a bike ride from Austin to Anchorage, Alaska in Summer 2018.
  6. MD Anderson’s Cancer Prevention Research Training Program. The 24 other people in the program, my mentors and peers in the lab, and the physicians I had the opportunity to shadow made my three-month experience in Houston unforgettable.img_97601
  7. Society of Women Engineers
    1. Region C Conference in Arkansas
    2. WE16 (society conference) in Philly
      1. Annabel, Lina, Kennedy – best tour group ever!
      2. Christina, Ruchika, Iris – my awesome roommates
      3. Everyone under 21 who had a dance party in the house of the palm reader we visited together and the amusing debrief afterward
    3. The opportunity to serve as Outreach then Corporate Chair with officer teams composed of amazing and inspiring people
  8. Torchy's Tacos. And catching up with The Nerd Herd at the beginning of the summer.img_97611
  9. Brandon, finally switching over to ECE. In other words, I’m happy that he’s finally where he belongs, even if it means that I’ve been left all alone in my BME classes. Who am I supposed to stay up late with eating gummy bears and hearing their jokes about how pchem is the low-level end of chemistry?
  10. 12200638_10203704480332779_1614213431_nSemaphore. Here’s to at least 1.5 more years of debugging CS class projects.
  11. Music. Some new tunes that keep me going during study sessions.
    1. Red Velvet's "Russian Roulette"
    2. Black Pink's "BOOMBAYAH", "Whistle", and "Playing with Fire"
    3. Porter Robinson & Madeon’s "Shelter"
    4. Katy Perry’s "Rise"
    5. Shakira’s "Try Everything"
    6. Taeyeon’s "Why"
    7. G.E.M.’s 新的心跳 ("New Heartbeat")
    8. Faye Wong’s 紅豆 ("Red Bean")
  12. Taco Joint. Providing sustenance to me when I’m crying in the engineering area. Seriously, I go here at least once a week. Their potato, egg, and cheese tacos are the bomb.