I've actually had portions of this post saved in drafts for a while. So what is a girl to do when she's holed up at the library supposedly working on a computer vision assignment? That's right, get rid of old post drafts. Of course, also editing so that it's more relevant to the current times.

This one's a short one!


When I first got into Texas 4000, I didn't want to make a public announcement about it. I guess a part of me had doubts.

You see, I am always too scared of talking about my goals. What if I don't actually accomplish them? What if I end up not meeting the fundraising and/or fitness requirements?

But it's slowly but surely happening. We are now less than 95 days away from our departure from Austin. Embracing the dirtiness of biking in rainy weather, finding a new appreciation for water, and learning to eat to match my physical lifestyle... I've grown so much as a person while also discovering more about what has always been a part of me.